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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Sigh and more

Ok. Small little whine and perhaps a little tidbit on the new Harry Potter movie. I wish I had more time to work on my own ideas. I don't have any right now and the time I do have I want to rest and relax or hang out with friends and family. But there's this creative bug in me to actually get started on my short i've had planned for a while. Number'll be my first real short film, and D, I just want to do something for myself. Ever get that way? Like super selfish? anyways...permaybe i'll just get started doing some sketches and actually storyboard the lass out. Hopefully I can get er done.

Now...the Harry Potter movie. Go see it. Even if you're not the biggest HP fan...such as's so fargin' worth it. I mean it's just great...the story is awesome...the casting for the villians is awesome the Animation and effects are awesome. An all around entertaining film and a dang good see. I don't read the books and I haven't seen the 3rd film even and I don't feel i've missed a thing. It goes into some backstory of some of the characters cleverly and fills you in on anything you may have missed if you haven't seen all of the films. So spend the 8 bucks or artists and filmmakers and everyone behind it and go see'll be happy you did. Now go!!!

Work is going great...we're locking down the production on Wed so that is great...and we're getting ready to go back into animating for Auto B Good. It feels good to be part of a production that went really smoothly. Although there were tight deadlines and I could've spent waaaaay more time on my segments and shots...but overall, i'm happy. I'll find out if there's a contract extension in order after the triptifan(SP?) holiday and then we'll see where I go from there. The production we just finished is called Roach Approach Slingshot Slugger and will be available on DVD in Febuary. So show some support and go out and get'll be 10 bucks so it won't kill the pocketbook and I put alot into it. As well as the other artists. Sure it's religion related but you've seen Veggietales right? You better have anyways.

Thanks for reading....ya'll come back nauw ya heeeeeeer.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Cluck Cluck

Chicken Little. Period. Loved it. The story isn't new and they still captured my attention with some of the gags. Some good Warner style gags here and there. I liked that alot. Visually great. Good colors and good scene development. The characters obviously rock. I don't really care what people say, I loved the film. I've been looking forward to this movie and it met or exceeded my expections. Animation is just brilliant. Some of the capability and flexabilty of the character rigs were stunning. Great use of Squash & Stretch, sometimes it felt a bit forced but for the most part the S&S went un-noticed because it was so you good your brain just excepted it. If not for the story, at least see this film for the animation. Some of the facial stuff is just amazing. Such good emotion in some spots. Great movement in the eye lids and ect.
I do hope though for more "ORIGINAL" films from Disney. And here's to the entire staff that worked on it at DFA. GREAT JOB!!!!

I'm off.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Almost there

So. My contract is up with Wet Cement Productions at the end of December and I haven't heard if there will be an extension on that yet. So, i'm kind of nervous about what comes next. It seems my timing is absolutely horrible. Moving right in the middle of winter....FUUUUUUUuuun. I'm hope that there will be an extension at least 3 more months. I really like the place. The people are awesome and work is fun. So working with them for longer would be great. We'll have to see though. There's alot of great people and animators there so maybe they won't need me after this show is done. Which would be kind of a bummer. I'd miss the guys, heck some of the modelers are already leaving. Troy was a great guy and a modeler, and I think the week before last was his last. We had a morning farewell wishing and some cookies so that was cool. I must say they really do appreciate the hard work we're doing. It's good to see that. Gives ya that oh so warm feeling:) But at the same time it sucks to see people go. Especially right when you're getting to know them better. But...that's the business. So, I guess I just need to prepare myself here and get ready just incase they aren't going to need me. I have a few places i'd like to try and see if I can get in. I feel i'm improving day to day but I still have alot to learn. I look back at some of my older scenes and cringe. But with our time constraints I would say i'm getting most of my work done with some good quality...thankfully though we get to have a few goes at some of them for fixing things and such. But overall...I think everyone there is doing a good job. We're a pretty open bunch. And I think we're getting more used to each other now so sharing and learning is happening a bit more. It's good to talk animation with some people. Especially if you're a nut like me about it. And if you're reading this i'm sure you probably are. Anyways, just wanted to get that out. Hope I didn't waste too much of your time:)